Venue Grid
The Venue Grid will allow you to print full grids for any tournament either by venue or for the tournament as a whole. Additionally, the grid is coach-specific based on the staff member you select, allowing you to see information such as starred games, Recruits you are following (including their grad years), teams you are following, and more. 

The Venue Grid can be accessed by clicking the Report tab and selecting "Venue Grid". From there, use the "Filter by" categories to complete your grid. These categories include the current recruiting "Session", the "Staff" member, and the "Tourney". From there you can optionally choose a specific "Venue" or specific "Date(s)", or you can leave this fields blank to include All Venues and All Dates for the tournament. Lastly, you can select the number of courts per grid you would like to see, with a maximum of 6 courts per Grid available. 

(With Venue and Date filters added):

(Without Venue and Date filters added):

Once you have selected your Filters, click on the "Generate Grid" button in the top right corner. That will generate a grid similar to the one shown below.

In the above grid, you can see that this grid has been filtered down to the tournament (Demo Pool2Bracket), staff member (Ross Comerford), date (Monday, 7/4/2016), and venue (Cannon MacMillan). The key underneath the grid displays how to locate various pieces of information contained in the grid, such as Starred Games, Scheduled Games, Followed Teams, and Division indicators for each game. Additionally, any Recruits assigned to the tournament will be listed in italics underneath the game they are playing, along with their grad year as seen below.

You can print the grid by clicking on the print button in the top right corner. Additionally, after clicking on the print button once you can choose to save the file as a PDF, which is great for emailing or saving the file to your computer.