For those coaches who would like to see a full list of games taking place in a tournament, we have created the Tourney Games report. From this report, you can filter by Session, Tourney, Date Range, Venue, and Team, and you will be able to see any of your Recruits playing in your selected games. This report will be formatted as a list. For those coaches who like the 'Grid' style schedule, please see this article.

Tourney Games Report
The Tourney Games report can be accessed by clicking the "Reports" tab and selecting "Tourney Games". You can now use the available filters to display the desired games for your report. While the Session, Tourney, and Date fields are required, the Venue and Team fields are optional, and leaving either field blank will return all Venues and all Teams, respectively.

Once your search is complete, you will see a list of games that meet the criteria of your filtered search, and additionally you will see any Recruits in your database listed who are playing in any of the selected games.


To export this list into a .CSV file click on "Export to CSV" in the top right corner. The resulting file can be opened in Excel (or equivalent database software) where you can make additional edits to the list, and then print or save the report as a PDF file. Saving the report as a PDF is an excellent way to include it as an attachment in an e-mail to your other staff members.