The Recruits tab will list all the Recruits that have been added to your team's database. Recruits can be added through a wide variety of methods, including through the FastRecruit Web Portal, or through FastRecruit Mobile.

All vs. By Tourney

You can view Recruits either by name, using the "All" tab, or by the tournaments they have been assigned to, using the "By Tourney" tab.                      


Viewing a Recruit

From the Recruits tab, you can click on any of your Recruits to view or edit details about that Recruit, see upcoming games for the recruit, or access the Notes for that Recruit.

Editing a Recruit - By clicking the Edit link in the upper right of the recruit's profile, you can update information about the player, including Name, Class, Position, or Category. You can also edit which team the Recruit is assigned to, which will subsequently update the games on your schedule. This can be an important step if the Recruit ends up playing on a different team than you had anticipated.


Notes - The notes section will allow you and your staff to collaboratively keep a running dialog on the Recruits in your database. After the recruiting period, you can then export these Notes in print or spreadsheet form, or back into your recruiting software.


View Upcoming Games - You can view a Recruit's upcoming games by selecting "Recent & Upcoming Events".  Here you will find all upcoming games for the tourney team that the Recruit is assigned to. If you wish to prioritize any of the Recruit's upcoming games on your schedule, use the Star icon to the game to your Starred Games list.