In addition to Assigning and Mapping Recruits to Tourney Teams, you can also add games to coaches' schedules using the Follow Team feature. Following a team will add all of that team's games for the selected tournament to your schedule, including all upcoming bracket games. This feature is ideal if you want to check in on a team that doesn't have a Recruit currently in your database, but traditionally has a lot of good players, or if you just want to check in with the team's coach while at the tournament.

Selecting a Tourney Team to Follow

To get started, click the "Tourneys" tab and select the tournament in which you would like to follow a specific team. Note: Following a team is tournament-specific, so if you wish to follow a team across multiple tournaments, you must follow these steps for each tournament.

Next, assign staff members to the tournament.

After your Staff members have been assigned to the tournament and their correct attendance dates set, click on the green flag for each coach that you want to assign a team to. A pop-up menu will appear asking which team(s) to follow for the selected coach.

After adding the team(s) for the selected staff member to follow and pressing "save", you will now see a number in red above the staff member's name. This number indicates how many teams the selected coach will be following in this particular tournament.

Those games are added to each coach's schedule (see the "Games" tab) and you can edit which team(s) anyone is following by clicking again on the green flag.