While FastModel Sports strives to cover as many tournaments as possible during each recruiting session, there may some events on your itinerary that we will not be able to cover. The Custom Tourney feature in FastRecruit allows you to manually create and add these events to your schedule so that they will appear in your FastRecruit Mobile app right along side your other tournament schedules.


Creating a Custom Tourney

Open the Tourneys Tab in FastRecruit Web and then click the blue “+ Add Custom Tourney” button to get started.


After clicking on that button a dialogue will appear requesting information about your custom tournament:

Fill out each field and press Save. Your newly created tournament will now appear alongside our automated tournaments on the “Tourneys” home page, denoted with a red star. 

If you need to edit your custom tournament after creating it, select the tournament from your list. Your custom tournaments will feature two buttons for "Edit", which allows you to edit any of the basic information for the tournament, and "Manage Games & Venues", where you will add venues and games for your tournament.

Manage Games Menu

Clicking the "Manage Games & Venues" button next to a custom tournament will open a menu featuring tabs for "Venues" and "Games". These menus will allow you to create a schedule for your custom tournament to add to your schedule of games in FastRecruit Mobile. You have the option to add a bare minimum of information to simply add the tournament to your schedule as a placeholder, or you can add as much detailed schedule information as you would like.

Venues - Your custom tournament will require at least one venue at the tournament to add games to your schedule. However, you have the option to add as many venues as you would like for the tournament. Adding an address for your venue will also enable the driving directions function within the FastRecruit Mobile app for your custom tourney. 

After adding your venues, click the Save icon in the lower right to save your changes.

Games - The Games tab will allow you to add games that will go directly into your schedule within the FastRecruit Mobile app. Once again, you have the option to simply add one game as a placeholder and reminder in your schedule to attend the tournament, or you can create a full schedule of games, including the Recruits who will be participating in each game. 

Click on the “Add Game” button to get started, and you can then double-click to activate the drop down menus for date and venue. Add the time of the game and any other information you have about those particular games, and write in "TBA" as a placeholder for any column you do not know. When you are finished adding games, click the Save button in the bottom right hand corner to save your entries, and then click the Close button to exit the menu and return to your Tourneys page.

Assigning Staff and Recruits

Once you have created your Venues and Games, you can now treat this like any other tournament. Click on the tournament, assign your recruits, assign your staff members, and finalize your tourney coverage by connecting recruits with their assigned teams for this tourney (the Tourney Team list will be populated with the teams you entered in the "Team 1" and "Team 2" fields from the Games tab for your tourney).   

Your custom tourney games will now appear in your FastRecruit Mobile app alongside the other tournaments that FastModel Sports is covering.

Note: While custom tournaments allow you to assign Recruits and Staff members to a tournament and add tournament games to your schedule, game scores will not be automatically entered by FastModel. Therefore, as teams advance through the tournament you must continue to monitor and update your schedule on your own.