**Please note that this article touches on certain functionality that is only available to FastRecruit Team or FastRecruit Connect subscribers. Read more about the difference between these here. Please contact our sales team to learn more sales@fastmodelsports.com.**

Team View gives staff members an overview of the entire staff's schedule for today, within the next hour, and across multiple days. Additionally, it allows any staff member to add games to other staff members' schedules directly from the mobile app. 


Accessing Team View

Staff Tab

Grid Tab

Tourneys Tab

Accessing Team View:

1. Click on the More tab on the bottom right of the mobile app, and then click Team View.

Staff Tab:

1. On the Staff tab of the Team view you will see a list of all your team's recruiters. From this tab you can see which tournaments each staff member is assigned to, what games they have scheduled within the next hour, and overall the number of starred games they have that day. Additionally, you can click on the blue thought bubble to access your Messages app and text with coaches quickly.

Grid Tab:

1. The Grid Tab allows you to see a daily grid view of your entire staff's schedule. You have the option to toggle the schedule to show Starred Games only using the toggle in the upper right corner, or you can toggle Starred Games to "off" to see the full schedules of each coach.

Tourney Tab:

1. The Tourney tab under Team View works similarly to the Tourney Tab under the regular, "Tourney View". You can search for any game within the tournament, either using the Games By Venue tab or the Team tab. Rather than adding games only to your schedule, however, within the Team View you can assign games to any coach on your staff.

2. To add a game to a staff member's schedule, click the star icon next to any game. This will pull up a list of all of your staff members and a grid view of their schedule around the time of your selected game. This grid view can be toggled to show only Starred Games on your staff's schedules, otherwise you will see the full schedule for your staff. To add a game to any staff member's schedule, click the Add Game icon below the initials of any staff member who you wish to attend the game. Once you have added the game for the appropriate staff members, press the "Save" button in the top right corner.