Exporting all of your recruits and their biographical information (grad year, club team, position, etc) from FastRecruit is a very simply process. Please follow the steps below to create a .CSV Export file.

Export your Recruits from FastRecruit

Within the Recruits Tab in the FastRecruit Web portal, click the "Bulk Actions" button and select "Export Recruits" from the menu. In the "Export Recruits" menu, you will be presented with a number of different filters that you can use to adjust which Recruits are included in your Export. If you leave each filter blank, your entire database will be exported.

Below are the filters available for your Export that can be used individually or in combination together:

  • Updated From/To Dates: By setting these filters, all newly added Recruits and also all existing Recruits with updated information (grad year, club team, etc) from the selected time period will be included in the export file.
  • Created From/To Dates: These filters will include only new Recruits that were added to your database during the selected time period.

Once you have set your desired filters, click the "Export Recruits" button to create a .CSV export file containing your Recruits.

Your completed export spreadsheet file will look similar to the below: