In FastRecruit, you can now create Lists of recruits based on any criteria you define. Since many coaches own relationships with specific recruits, these lists will help coaches manage and stay connected to those recruits they are focusing on.

Creating/Editing Lists:

1. To create or edit lists in FastRecruit, first select the gear icon from the top-right corner of the page and select 'Manage Lists':

2. To create a new list, select 'Add List'. To edit an existing field, select the pencil icon as highlighted below:

3. Enter the name of your list, and select the criteria. 'Class' will always be available to select, while all other fields you see will depend on the fields you create in FastRecruit. Only recruits that meet the criteria you define here will be added to your list.

Toggle the 'Shared' switch on if you want other coaches to be able to view and interact with this list.

4. After creating your list, you'll see it displayed on your 'Manage Lists' page along with the criteria for the list:

5. Back on the Recruits tab, you can filter your recruits by the lists you create: