**Please note that this article touches on certain functionality that is only available to FastRecruit Team or FastRecruit Connect subscribers. Read more about the difference between these here. Please contact our sales team to learn more sales@fastmodelsports.com.**

FastRecruit Team subscribers have access to the Home tab on the FastRecruit mobile app. This home tab will be the default view when you open the app, and will show the recruit lists you have created on the web as well as any outstanding tasks you have been assigned:

Selecting a recruit list will show the recruits included in that list:

Selecting a specific recruit from the list will pull up that recruit's profile. From here you can view and edit recruit details, add notes, or contact recruits via the contact/social links.

FastRecruit Team subscribers will have access to the social link, where you can launch into twitter or instagram to keep up with recruits on social media.

Selecting the social link highlighted above will list any twitter profiles, twitter searches, or instagram profiles that you have saved to that recruit:

Selecting any of the above links will launch to twitter.com or instagram.com.

Back on the Home tab, you can also view the Schedule tab to see any upcoming games for your list of recruits, or view any notes you or your staff have documented on those recruits.