Before you head out to AAU tournaments, make sure you've taken the following steps in FastRecruit so you can take full advantage of all the great features FastRecruit has to offer. If you need a refresher, check out our FastRecruit training video.

Download/Update the FastRecruit App from the Apple App Store

  • Download the latest version of the FastRecruit iPhone App from the App Store here.

Assign Coaches to Tournaments

  • From the FastRecruit Web-Portal, select a tournament your staff is attending and select 'Assign Staff'.
  • Check the box next to coaches who will be attending, and adjust the dates as needed for the days they are planning to attend the tournament.



  • Learn more about assigning staff to tournaments here.

Assign Recruits to Tournaments

  • Select a tournament your staff is attending and select 'Assign Recruits'.
  • Search for and select one or more recruits from your database, then select 'Save'.



Map Recruits to Their Tournament Teams:

  • Check the tournament list. Once you see the tournament flipped from 'Committed' to 'Scheduled', you can map the recruit to their tournament team.
  • Once tournaments are listed as 'Scheduled', select the appropriate tourney team for each attending recruit. You will often see suggested teams based on the Club Team you have saved on the recruit's profile.


  • Learn more about assigning recruits to tournaments here.

  Update Recruit Information Including Social Media Accounts

  • You can now add phone numbers, Instagram and Twitter handles or searches to your recruit profiles, so you can stay connected with them on the go. Select a recruit then 'Edit Recruit' to edit information from the web.
  • Learn more about these features here


  • On the iPhone App, you'll be able to launch directly to the recruit's Twitter/Instagram profiles, text/call them directly from the app, or even search on Twitter to see what others are saying about a specific recruit.


Additional Information: You can learn more about all the fantastic features of FastRecruit here.