Before you get to work on entering personnel information for your opponent in the Personnel topic, it is important to edit the defaults for the topic first. Because the topic has the capacity for lots of information on each player and can be highly customized, setting your defaults first keeps you from having to make constant adjustments on each report and saves you valuable time.

To edit your defaults, find the Personnel topic header and right-click on it to select Edit Defaults.

In the Edit Defaults window you will have the option to select or deselect which categories of player information will be available to edit and displayed in the scouting report, such as Player Photo, Player Information, and Player Stats, among others.

In addition to choosing which categories of information will be available in the personnel section, you can also edit the columns in your Player Information and Player Stats categories. For example, if you know that you never want the Weight category included in your player information, right-click on the Weight column and select Delete Selected Column. Likewise, if you find that there are too many stat columns in the Player Stats category and would like to include less information, click the header bar just above any of the columns that you would like to delete to highlight them, and then right-click on any highlighted column and select Delete Selected Columns. You can also click and drag between each column to change the size.

When you finish modifying the defaults for your topic, click the OK button at the bottom. You will then receive the following message:

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Selecting All Defaults will apply the changes that you have made to the Personnel topic for the current scouting report and all future scouting reports that you create going forward.

A detailed walkthrough of the process of editing the personnel topic can be viewed here:

"Missing player table" Error Message

If you are creating your Personnel topic and see the error message stating "missing player table" when you open your report in the Preview tab, you likely have entered illegal characters into the name field. Punctuation, such as periods or apostrophes, does not display in the Personnel topic, so you will need to re-enter the player information in the Stats Database to correct this problem.

If you have entered your player information this way:

Your report will look like this:

Because the name "JT Wilson" was entered without punctuation, it appears correctly in the Personnel topic, whereas "J.R. Smith" does not appear due to the periods in the name. To correct this problem, return to the Stats Database and add a new player named "JR Smith" with no punctuation.

Now click the row for J.R. Smith to highlight it, and then right-click on the row. In the menu, select Merge Player into, then select JR Smith with no punctuation.

The result is just one JR Smith without punctuations in the roster.

To finalize your changes, right-click on the Personnel header and select Restore Defaults. The changes will now be reflected in your report.

If you have received the "missing player table" error message after entering the players manually into the Personnel topic (rather than in the Stats Database), you can correct this error by simply adding a new player without the punctuation included. In this example, you would add a player named "JR Smith". Once the new player is added, make sure the new player without punctuation is checked as active, and then uncheck the player with punctuation to make them inactive and no longer included in the report

Adding a Stat Line for Last Season's Stats

A second stat line to display last season's stats for early season games can be added by editing the defaults for the Personnel topic. This will also work for the Starters and Reserves topics, and a fairly similar procedure can be followed to editing Team Stats or other stat topics.

To edit the defaults for your Personnel topic, right-click on the Personnel topic header and select Edit Defaults. This will open the Edit Topic Defaults menu. Next, right-click on the current Player Stats line to insert a new row.
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After creating a new row, right-click on your current Player Stats row again and select Copy.

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After copying, right-click on the new blank line and select Paste Table Data.

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In the pop up window that follows asking if you would like to clear the existing data, select no.

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Next, you will want to make a new column on the far left to indicate which season is being represented. You can do this by right-clicking in the upper leftmost column and select Insert Column.

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You can now use the new column to enter the season for each stat line.

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If you enter stats manually, you can now exit the Edit Defaults menu, choose "Just The Tables" from the ensuing menu, and you will have a new 2014-15 row to add last year's stats.

If you have box score data entered for the previous season and would like to extract that data from your stats database file, you can revise the splits for the 2014-15 row. To do this, right-click on the 2014-15 row and select Revise Splits for Row.

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In Seasons section of the next menu, use the dropdown menu to change from CURRENT SEASON to 2014-2015. This will set all data in the selected row to pull from the 2014-15 season rather than the 2015-16 season.

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You can now exit the Edit Defaults menu and choose "Just The Tables".

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You will now have the extra stat line for 2014-15 added to your topic.

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