Is FastScout downloaded or web based?

  • FastScout is a software program that is locally downloaded and installed to the computer. 
  • An active Internet connection is required to activate and use your software.
  • The reports that you create in FastScout are saved locally in a file on your hard drive. Any team or roster information that you add to your Stats Database is saved in a database file, which is also saved locally on your hard drive.
  • FastScout features a cloud backup service that will allow you to save your final reports to the FastModel cloud. This includes your final reports only, and does not include any Stats Database information.

Does FastScout work on Macs and PCs?

The FastScout software works on any Windows PC or Mac computer. FastScout is not supported on any other platform, including tablets.

What are the system requirements for FastScout?

FastScout is a relatively light program, but does require at least 2 GB of RAM when generating your reports. We recommend limiting use of multiple other programs while using FastScout to ensure enough free memory is available.