Software Activation


After you have installed FastScout and opened the software, the first screen that you will see is the activation menu. The default activation method is using your account e-mail address and password.

Your account e-mail address will be the address that you used when you purchased your FastScout license. Your auto-generated password will be contained in your activation e-mail, along with your FastScout activation key. Your activation e-mail will look similar to the one below, where areas of pertinent information have been highlighted:

Image title

The other method of activating FastScout, besides e-mail and password, is by using the activation key contained in your activation e-mail. To switch to key entry mode, click the Activate with Key link.

Once you have switched to key entry mode, you can copy and paste your activation key into the Activation Key field. It is very difficult to correctly type the activation key in by hand, so we always recommend using copy and paste.

Common Activation Errors

These are the most common activation errors, and how to correct them.

Invalid credentials - This error is a result of using the wrong e-mail and password combination. Please check to make sure your e-mail address is entered correctly, and that you are using the same address that you received the activation e-mail at. You can also use the Forgot Password link to reset your password if you are unsure of what it is.

Invalid Key - If you are activating using your activation key, please be sure that you are copying and pasting the key in. Correctly typing the key in is very difficult to do, so copy and paste is always encouraged.

Peer Not Authenticated / Cannot Connect to License Server - If you are receiving this error message, it means that your FastScout software cannot connect to our FastModel license server to verify your subscription. This is usually caused by network restrictions (if you are on a school network) or local firewall or anti-virus settings on your computer. Here are a few steps you can try to bypass these restrictions: 


  • Relocate - If you are using a laptop, you can try relocating to a public network, such as a Starbucks or local business, and then attempting to enter your activation key. Once you have successfully entered the key, you do not need to do it again. 
  • Check with your IT for Proxy Settings - If you are on a school network, your network might require proxy settings to be entered that will allow your FastScout software to connect our license server. If this is the case, your IT department will usually be able to provide the correct settings for you to enter.


To enter your proxy settings, click the "Test Connection" link within the activation menu to run a connection test. If the test fails, you will then be able to click the Proxy Settings button.


From the proxy settings menu you will be able to enter any pertinent proxy information.


  • Anti-virus or Firewall Software - Turn off any anti-virus, firewall, or security software that you have running on your computer, and then try activating your FastScout software.