Transferring Your Master Save File

The scouting reports that you create in FastScout are saved in a file that is stored on your hard drive. The default location for this save file will be C:/Users/FastScout Files, and your save file will be named "Master.fsb". This file can be transferred to a new computer using an external device, such as a USB drive, or by using a cloud service such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

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Transferring your Database Files

When you use the Stats Database in FastScout to add teams, roster information, and pictures to your league for your scouting reports, all of that information is contained in the database save file, as opposed to the "master.fsb" save file that contains your scouting reports. When you move FastScout to a new computer you will need to copy or transfer the database save file (or files if you have multiple leagues) for that information to be available to you on the new computer.

Your database file can be found by opening the "FastModel" folder, which is typically installed in your C:/Users folder by default. Within the FastModel folder, select FastScout, then Basketball, and then select the "stats" folder.

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Your database file for your league will be stored in the stats folder, and the naming structure will be stats-LEAGUENAME.h2.db.

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To transfer this information to a new computer, copy the file for your league (or leagues if you have multiple leagues in your Stats Database) to an external drive or a cloud service such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Installation and Activation on a New Computer

Now for your new computer, you can download the FastScout software from our downloads page. Once you have installed FastScout, you will need to activate the new computer. If you do not know your account e-mail and password, you can click the forgot password link, or you can use this link to retrieve your activation key.

Copying Your Save Files to the New Computer

With FastScout installed on the new computer, you can now copy over the master save file and database files that you transferred from the old computer. 

Master Save File - The master save file can be copied to any location on your new computer, as long as it is on your computer's hard drive (as opposed to an external or network drive). If you copy the file to the default save location, C:/Users/FastScout Files, then your file will open automatically whenever you open FastScout. If you copy it a different location, such as your Desktop, then you will need to click the File menu within FastScout and select Open File to open it.

Database Files - In order for FastScout to be able to read your database files, they must be copied over to the same location as on the previous computer. This location is C:/Users/FastModel/FastScout/Basketball/stats/. Once you have copied these files over, you can open FastScout and your data will be available in the Stats Database menu.