Once you have your account set up, you will need to import a list of recipients to whom you will be sending your messages. To start you will click the Admin Tab at the top of the page as seen below. On the right hand side, you will see two options to import your recipients. The first would be to add them individually. You can do this by selecting the "+New Recipient" button. 

    1. Adding Recipients Individually

            In order to add recipients one at a time, you will select the "+New Recipient" button. When clicking this option, it will open up a new row of blank boxes for you to fill in (First & Last Name, Email, Phone). In order for a new recipient to successfully added, an email address must be included. All phone number will need to follow the XXXXXXXXXX format without any parentheses or hyphens in-between. Once you have filled out the appropriate fields, make sure to hit the "Create" or Return key to add the recipient to your list. 

    2. Adding Recipients Through Import

The second option for adding recipients into your system would be to import them through a .CSV file. This option allows you to add in a large amount of contacts into your system in a quick, efficient way. First, you will have to organize a .CSV file of your contacts and their information. An example is shown below. You will need to match the exact columns shown on the FastAccess webpage (First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number).

After successfully importing your .CSV file, you should receive a pop-up message confirming its completion. The message will also notify you of how many recipients were successfully imported. All of your new contacts will be added alphabetically by Last Name. The newly added recipients will appear in green text for 3 seconds upon successful import.