Once you have added your users through the admin portal, filled out your recipient list, and created any groups, you will be ready to develop and send out messages to your targeted recipients. All messages will require some form of video content. While in Drafts under the Messages tab, select the "+Add Message" button to get started. A new box will open allowing you to construct your message. 

1. Creating a Message

    As shown in the image above, the first option you will have is to select the Talent. As a reminder, Talent are the individuals that you would like to use to record a personal message. Selecting Talent is not a requirement. If you choose to leave the field blank, your message will be sent directly for Review. The title of your message will indicate what the purpose is and the Recording Notes are any notes that you would like to leave for your talent in relation to the video recording. This can be as general as a particular point to hit on or as specific as a word by word script to read from. Keep in mind the formatting of your Recording Notes will appear the same way as you type it. 

  2. How to Attach a Video Message

        While creating the message, you will have the option to add a video file using the "Add Video" button. If you have previously selected a contact under the Talent option, this video will be sent to your Talent for them to add additional audio or video. If the Talent field is blank, the video asset will be the focal point of your message sent out to your recipients with an option to add a message body during the review process. After selecting the video from your computer or media library, you will be able to see a thumbnail and preview the video. The file must be in the .MP4 or .MOV format and cannot exceed 500 MB in size.


3. How to Send a Message to Talent with Recording Notes

    As previously mentioned, Recording Notes are any notes that you want to leave for your talent in relation to the video recording. Keep in mind that the format of your Recording Notes will appear in the same format you type in it. Whether you have or have not attached a video before sending a message will not matter in regards to the notes. After sending messages out to your talent, they will move from "Drafts" to "Outstanding".

        Picture in Picture

            If you have included a video asset in the message sent to your Talent, they will have the option to record a video message alongside it. If they prefer, they can turn off their own video camera and record an audio message while the video asset plays. Keep in mind, the audio of the video asset will be played at 5% volume so there is no need to worry about not being able to hear your Talent. 

        Selfie Mode

            If no video asset is included before sending the message, your Talent will have to record a personal video. They can do this using either the front or back facing camera on their cellphone, but once they start the recording will not be able to change back and forth. Using the + button in the top right hand corner, they can also add a previously saved video directly from their mobile device.

4. How to Review and Send Messages

After you have created your message and/or had your Talent attach their own recording to it, head to the Review tab to give final approval before sending them out to your recipients. You can view the video recordings that your talent have added on. There is also an option to add in text along with the video in the "Message:" section. At any time, you can add in variable text fields (first or last name) within the message. By including either {{FirstName}} or {{LastName}} exactly as shown, upon receiving the message, the respective information of that recipient in your account will show in the text or email that they receive.

Scroll down to select which recipients you want the message to be sent to. "Select Recipients" will open up your list of added/imported recipients. Then, choose who you would like to send the message to, along with which form of contact (phone/email/both).  Selecting one of your groups from the option in the top-middle will narrow the recipient list down to that specific group only. From there, you can check the box next to "Name" to select all recipients within that group, or choose each one individually. If you cannot find a specific recipient, you can always use the search feature located near the top. NOTE: the title will not appear in a text message.


Once you have finalized your message body, included the title of your message, and have selected your targeted recipients, click the "Approve Message" button near the bottom of the screen. This will alter the text to a bright green font. You cannot un-approve messages, so you will not be able to go back and make any changes once you approve a message. For your final step, select the "Send To Recipients" button when you are ready to deliver your message. This can be immediately following the approval or you can wait for a specific date and time. Only those with an ADMIN role attached to their account will be able to approve and send messages. A message cannot be sent to recipients until it is approved.

5. How to View Message Statistics & Confirm Your Recipients Received Your Message

    Under the Sent Tab, you can view any previously sent messages. Within each message, you are given access to view the text & recording as well as relevant statistics regarding views and amount of times the message has been opened. In order to toggle between the message and the statistics, simply click "Show Statistics / Show Message" in the upper right hand corner. The statistics show the recipients that were sent, have opened, and viewed the message. You will also see splits between email and text. Further below, you can view each individual recipient, form of contact, their amount of views, and the last time they viewed the message.