Option 1: Selfie - Sending a Message to Talent (No Video Attachment)

As shown in the image below, the first option you will have is to select the Talent. As a reminder, the Talent will be the person that you want as the face of your message. The title of your message will indicate what the purpose is and the Recording Notes are any notes that you would like to leave for your talent in relation to the video recording. This can be as general as a particular point to hit on or as specific as a word by word script to read from. Keep in mind the format of your Recording Notes will hold exactly. 

Option 2: Picture in Picture - Sending a Message to Talent Using P.I.P.

Before you officially send your message to your talent, you will have the option to include an already saved video from your computer. From there, your talent can record a video message along side the attached video. 

 Option 3: Voiceover - Attaching a Pre-recorded Video with an Audio Voiceover

If the talent prefers not to show his or her face or record any footage of their own, he or she can turn off the camera and simply record an audio message over the video attachment as it plays. To turn off the camera, click the video icon in the bottom right hand corner.

Option 4: Send Directly for Review - Sending a Message, No Talent Selected

You or your team may already have a candid or pre-edited video ready to be sent directly to your recipients. In this case, there is no need to select a talent user. Instead, when you hit send, you can bypass the recording stage and send the video directly to Review.