The Media Library will act as your database for any videos and recordings created within FastAccess messages. You can also upload videos directly into your Media Library.


Under VIDEOS, you can add, play, and rename video assets. To upload a new video, click the + sign in the upper left hand corner and select the file from your computer. The file will have to be in the .MP4 format and have a maximum size of 500 MB. All videos are displayed in chronological order with most recent video upload as the first square to the right of the import video tile. In order to clean up the VIDEOS section, you can select the minus sign at the top left of any video to send it to ARCHIVES.


To navigate your Media Library more easily, older files can be recategorized into ARCHIVE. Within ARCHIVE, videos are organized in reverse chronological order, based off when they were added to ARCHIVE, with most recent in the top left, second most recent as second from the left side in the top row. To restore a video from ARCHIVE back to VIDEOS, click the three dots in the bottom right corner of any individual video and select "Restore". NOTE: Videos sent out of FastAccess automatically go to Archive. IE talent recorded selfie videos, PIP Voiceover Narration, uploaded video content.

You can also complete a hard-delete of a video from the system by selecting "Delete". This completely wipes the video from the system and will make it unrecoverable. If a user deletes a video:

-The video will not be viewable within the FastAccess app (web or mobile)

-The video will not be viewable by donors/recipients if it was previously sent out

-The video will not be recoverable by FastModel staff