To download the application on your smartphone, head to the App Store and search for FastAccess. You should see a gold FastModel logo. You can also click this link HERE. Upon opening the app, you will be brought to the login screen to input your email & password combination. After officially logging in, the home screen will appear with any outstanding messages for the Talent user to record. 

On the mobile app, Access Admins and Coordinators have near identical capabilities to those on the Messages tab on the website. The look is similar as well with the Drafts, Outstanding, Review, and Sent sub-tabs. 


Drafts Tab:

To create a new message, start by clicking the + Sign in the upper-right hand corner. This opens up a new screen where you will be able to select your talent, title your message, and add recording notes. You can select another user or yourself as talent, in which case you can record a selfie or picture in picture video in the Outstanding tab. If talent is not selected, the message will be sent directly to Review. You also have the option to add a video directly from your phone's local storage. 

Note: Adding Branding to a Non-FastAccess Recorded Video: 

After adding a video directly from your camera roll to a message on either the Drafts or Outstanding tab, you will receive a prompt asking "Would like to add branding to this video?". Selecting "Yes" will add a branding strip across the bottom of your video. Branding can be applied to any portrait, landscape, or square video.

Outstanding Tab:

Under the Outstanding tab, you will see all messages that are waiting for videos to be recorded. If you previously selected your own name as "talent" when creating a draft, you can click that message and record a video. Once you are satisfied with your video recording, make sure to hit the Send button in the upper right hand corner. The message will move to the Review tab. Note: attached videos will play at 5% volume.


Review Tab:

Here you can review any recorded messages from your talent users, select the recipients you wish to send the message to, as well as craft the text portion of your message that recipients will see. Similar to the website, Access Admins have the ability to approve the message while Access Coordinators will not. For Access Admins, the "Approve" button will illuminate once recipients have been selected and a message has been written. Note: When selecting recipients via mobile, their method of contact will default to the method(s) selected via the website (email/text/both). 

After the message has been approved, the message will be marked with a black "approved" stamp. From there, you can send out the message to selected recipients by hitting the Send button in the upper right. You will be given a final confirmation notification before officially sending out the message.

Sent Tab:

The Sent tab shows all of your messages that have been delivered to recipients. You can click into any message and view the recipient list, the text within the messages, along with the video itself. This tab is view-only.