The Message Scheduling feature can be used to schedule messages to be sent out at specific times in the future for convenience and time-saving purposes. In order to schedule a message, recipients will already have to be selected and added to an approved message. From there, the user can click the small calendar icon to the right of the “Send to Recipients” button. Clicking the calendar icon will open up a menu to select the date and time for the message to be sent out. The time of the message must be selected in 5 minute increments by dragging the hand of the clock. Messages must also be scheduled for at least 5 minutes in the future. All times are local to the user and their time zone.

Once the message has been scheduled, multiple locations will reflect the update within the Review tab (as seen below). To edit the time that the message will be sent out, or to stop it from being sent out altogether, simply hit the small X in the bottom right hand corner. This will return the message to the approved state.